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Our Board

The board members represent the interests of the club and it’s players and its mission to promote soccer within the community.

Brad Knisley


Brad has been with RCFC several seasons and manages the 2nd team, as well as being assigned president in 2020.

Andy Marr


Andy has been with RCFC since arriving from Scotland in Fall 2003, and keeps a beady eye on club expenses!

John Papa

Director of Club Gear
John has been with the club since 2018, and organizes club equipment and kits.

Jeff Slocum

Manager (Premier team)

Jeff manages to the Premier Team which has had many successful seasons at CVSA.

Whit Kern

Manager- Coed Team
Whit manages Richmond City’s Coed team.

Joe Skolnik

Director- Media

With a background in software and tech, Joe promotes the RCFC brand across our digital channels – websiteFacebook, and launched our Instagram in 2020

Phil Kempf

Board Member- At large
Phil has been an RCFC premier player for several years, and was president 2017-2020

Gonzalo Bearman

Board Member- At large

Gonzalo has played keeper for RCFC across multiple teams, and provides guidance for the club

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